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Conference Summary
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A One day conference exclusively for Charter School Board members (70%), school leaders, ESPs and authorizers – the decision makers in Michigan's charter system. This one day intense conference is based upon the challenges shared with us through our survey of Charter School Board Presidents across Michigan.
The Dearborn Inn Dearborn, Michigan This building was the original airport facility when Henry Ford had his own airport. The runways are now used as the test tracks for Ford Motor Company. This facility is used for Ford’s corporate meetings so you may never find a more upscale facility. The conference space is limited to just 550 people. Our intention is to bring together those who want the best for children in an intimate setting that facilitates interaction.
Keynote Speakers
Dr.Joe Nathan ~ Dr. Nathan helped to write the nation's first charter law, and has testified about charter laws in 22 states and several Congressional committees. Having spent half of his career in K-12 education and half in higher education as an urban public school teacher, administrator, PTA president, researcher, and advocate his perspective on education is both unique and inspiring. He directs the St. Paul, Minn.-based Center for School Change, which works at the school, community, and policy levels to help improve public schools
Dr. Ian Roberts ~ Perhaps you saw Dr. Roberts valedictorian on the news last spring. She graduated with a 4.0 GPA while spending her last two years of high school living in a homeless shelter. While at Anacostia High School in Washington D.C. he raised the graduation rate 20% in 4 years. A former Olympic track standout, Dr. Roberts is a Sr. Vice President at Lighthouse Charter Academies in the New York City area.
Conference Workshops
Great Governance = Great Schools
The Must Do's and Don't for Boards
Presenters: MACSB & Panel
The 1-2 Punch
( Morning Only )
Recruiting and Retaining the Best for Your School
Presenters: Kristy Hebert – CEO, Collective Leadership
J. Renee Gordon – CEO, E Squared
Squeezing a Nickel
The Secret Spots to Supplementing Set Budgets
Presenter: Neil Leist – Supt., Eastern Pike County Schools
This will be a humorous workshop detailing methods school districts can use to stretch the dollar as well as enhance the educational process in their school by forming state and local business partnerships. more...
The Road to Rigor
Preparing Students for Post-Secondary Success
Presenter: David Ginsberg - CEO, Ginsberg Consulting
The Common Core State Standards target college and career readiness. But what are the implications for K-12 schools? more...
Your School or Their School?
Creating Student Ownership and Accountability
Presenter: Blair Grammer - Associate with Ginsberg Consulting
Research has shown that students perform best in schools where they feel a sense of ownership. But how can K-12 schools empower students more...
The Parent Trap
( Afternoon Only )
Building Dynamic Relationships to Insure Student Success
Presenter: J. Renee Gordon - CEO, E Squared
Yes We Can!
( Morning Only)
Working with the News Media to Tell Your Story
Presenter: Dr. Joe Nathan – Director of the Center for School Change
Beyond Checking Boxws
( Afternoon Only )
Evaluations that Build Great Leaders Building Wide
Presenter: Kristy Hebert – CEO, Collective Leadership
All of the workshops are 90 minutes long with most being offered in both the morning and afternoon sessions as seating is limited. At the end of the workshop you will come away with an action plan to allow you to begin to implement to begin to see the change that you desire.
Membership is simple and the dues are really reasonable!
ONLY $300 plus $1 per student

So who is the MACSB and Why Would a Board Want to Join?

    Saturday, June 6, 2015    
Michigan Radio
Dissolve Detroit Public Schools? State rep says yes
Harvey Santana, D-Detroit, said there at least a couple of problems with Kelly`s position: "There aren`t enough charter schools in Detroit that would be ...
Redford schools to see state aid increase
Redford`s charter schools, which receive $7,251 per pupil this school year, will also be seeing increases, ... $518; Detroit Service Learning Academy, $165; Michigan Technical Academy, $224 and Washington-Parks Academy, $115.
Eastern UP schools to see increase in state aid
School districts in Eastern Upper Michigan can now finalize their budgets after the Michigan Legislature approved a 2015-16 state budget Wednesday. ... $126 million in “categorical” payments to districts and charter schools that ...
La Crescent-Hokah has six superintendent finalists
The La Crescent-Hokah School Board has selected six finalists to interview for ... Jean Broadwater, head of school, Michigan Virtual Charter Academy ...
San Antonio Express-News (subscription)
Suspended Southside superintendent not likely to return
Southside Independent School District Superintendent Ricardo Vela listens to a ... Gonzales has a doctorate in education from Wayne State University in Michigan and was superintendent of East Austin College Prep, a charter ...

2015 Michigan Charter School Law
Hello readers, in this article you can get information about 2015 Michigan Charter School Law. Here we will discuss about Common core standards ...

Customized Training Brought to YOUR Door
The friendly way to meet Your Board's unique/mandatory training needs

So RELAX...and let us BRING the training YOU!
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     Leadership Governance...
Governance is THE job of Charter Boards, and the MACSB offers a framework for Board governance that will put you in command of your Academy while keeping you out of the trenches.

This model, which we title "Leadership Governance", is accurately based on the proven Policy Governance model (created by John Carver) which we have successfully tailored for Michigan Charter Boards.

The MACSB offers an efficient and informative presentation on Leadership Governance. Contact us for further information or to arrange a presentation to your Board.
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Call: (517)819-4777 or eMail:
Great Books by OUR Board Member
Harvey Schoof!

Great Books on Boardsmanship
Dr. Brian L. Carpenter
This service brought to you by
Grand Valley State University

(Click for
Time to Look at Ourselves
Vol. 2No. 6
When Charter Boards set written performance expectations, the major focus should always be in the area of Student Achievement, although establishing expectations in the Management area is also important because it speaks to issues of prudent and ethical administrative actions.

But the “expectations” model for governance promoted by the MACSB has a special feature that helps Board focus on an often overlooked area….the performance of the Board itself!

Most Boards seldom engage in any form of true introspection, usually because there are no standards or criteria to measure against.  But MACSB offers a practical way to make it happen.  It is done by establishing written expectations for Board performance and assessing performance against those expectations.

In this area, a Board establishes expectations for itself in the following categories:

  • Governance Approach & Style
  • Meeting Agenda/Protocol
  • Board President
  • Board Code of Conduct
  • Board Committees
  • Governance Education
  • Administrator Relations

These expectations are not a substitute for or redundant to Board bylaws.  They are quite different (but complementary) in that they address topics directly related to “governance”  rather than structure.  And these performance expectations are also monitored and self-assessed by the Board based on internal survey of individual Board members.

Performance reports and assessments in this area are typically produced two times a year, each covering about half of the expectations categories.  Again, Boards can conduct these assessments on their own or tap into the MACSB automated reporting system that produces the survey documents for completion by each Board member and then compiles the results for Board deliberation.

An important by-product of these Board performance expectations is that they also serve as a helpful screening process for selecting Board candidates.  Rather than expect candidates to face the traditional tasks of “figuring out” what membership means and wading through the 1,000 page policy manual that current members have long forgotten, candidates see the written, Board-developed standards that show how your Board intends to operate. 

Board expectations also help preclude membership by those with strange or unknown agendas.  They know what is expected and what isn’t!  In other words, candidates and current members can substantively determine if there is likely a good “fit”…kind of a for member recruitment.

The value of this approach cannot be overstated.  Continuity of the Board’s governance style is essential to effective performance.  And many Boards have paid the price for arrival of a member with delusions of individual authority, especially when coupled with a hidden agenda and no real knowledge of how the Board operates.

In future Board Bits issues we will provide examples of how Boards can address a variety of issues and decisions based on the governance philosophy that underlies the MACSB Leadership Governance model.

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Charter Board Member Code Training
A list of "things to remember"
as you serve on your Charter School Board!
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The Charter Board burden...accountability for school success! Read the recently developed MACSB Position Paper on board Accountability and the need for good governance
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