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Everyone talks about it, but it is important to develop a clear and defensible understanding of what "accountability" really means for charter school boards and members.

To promote some thinking and discussion on this critical topic, MACSB has developed a position paper titled "Charter School Accountability: The Case for Quality Governance."
This MACSB position paper addresses and describes:
  • the impending charter board accountability challenge
  • the history of charter board role conflict that has limited board ability to fully reach their leadership potential
  • the need for effective governance
  • the trickle-up nature of school accountability
  • the reasons charter boards are actually more subject to accountability than elected boards
  • the typical obstacles to effective board governance
  • the keys to quality governance
  • the right things that happen

  • Click here for the full text of this MACSB Accountability white paper.

    Please share this information with other board members, and don't hesitate to send us your comments and reactions so we can refine our thinking and serve you better! Give us a call at 517.819.4777 or send an email to: