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Picking up where we left off...
March 02, 2010

Here are two examples of Board-established expectations in the Management Boundaries Area, the associated performance reports submitted by school administration and the subsequent Board assessments.

Performance Report
Board Assessment

Category:   A. Interaction with Students and Families

Developing and maintaining a positive and effective relationship with students and families will be a hallmark of the Academy.

Therefore, with regard to student and family interactions, the Administrator shall not cause or allow circumstances or conditions that are unsafe, disrespectful, undignified, overly intrusive, unresponsive or which fail to properly respect privacyand confidentiality.

In particular, the Administrator shall:

  1. Ensure that Academy families are continuously and promptly informed of student progress/performance in both academic and behavioral areas, and made aware of their obligations as partners in their child`s education.

(Additional expectations follow in numbered order)

Performance Report

 This expectation is addressed as follows:

  1. Teachers send all parents a written monthly report on student progress that summarizes overall status and highlights any significant issues or problems.
  2. Teachers produce a formal and comprehensive student progress report four times each school year covering all subjects and character development topics.  This report is sent to parents through the school office to ensure 100% coverage and accuracy.
  3. Evening parent-teacher conferences are scheduled three times a year (October, February and May).
  4. Teachers are also required to immediately contact and inform parents of serious academic or behavioral difficulties on as as-needed basis.
  5. At the onset of each school year, parents/families are mailed a copy of our student handbook and a separate enclosure that highlights parental responsibilities as partners in the education process.

We continuously monitor faculty compliance with these requirements and have corrected the three instances where shortcomings have been identified during the past school year.

As required by the Board, parent input regarding this expectation was included in our recently conducted parent survey.  Survey results indicated a high degree of acknowledgment and corroboration that this expectation is being met…specifically, 96% (223) of the 231 responses indicated “agreement” or “strong agreement” that the expectation is being met.

(Copies of sample progress reports are available for review at the school office.)

Board Assessment

   Meets the Board`s Expectation

Although a few shortcomings are acknowledged, we currently assess our expectation to be met.  Future reports, however, are expected to document elimination or reduction in those shortcomings.

Performance Report
Board Assessment

Category: G. Relationship with the Academy Authorizer

In special recognition of and appreciation for the Authorizer, the Administrator shall ensure a respectful and responsive relationship with the Academy Authorizer.

In particular, the Administrator shall:


  1. Submit all required/requested written reports on time and in complete and accurate fashion.
(Additional expectations follow in numbered order.)

Performance Report

During the reporting period, all required documents were submitted in full compliance with this expectation with exception of two reports submitted to the Department of Education but not copied to our Authorizer (as required) due to an oversight. 

As required by the Board, our Authorizer was asked to evaluate compliance with this expectation.  The Authorizer “somewhat” agreed the expectation is being “met”, but noted the two instance of non-compliance and one instance wherein a report was not fully completed.

We have installed an internal double-check process to ensure full compliance in the future.

Board Assessment

 Not Met with Acceptable Progress

Because only two reports were not forwarded as required and one report was apparently incomplete, our assessment acknowledges progress from past performance. In the future, however, the Board expects 100% compliance with this important responsibility.

Please note:
  1. Performance reports should be concise –your Board doesn’t need a ream of attachments to wade through.
  2. Performance reports should provide sufficient information for the Board to make its assessment of performance – your Board needs to make an “informed” governance judgment. 
  3. Board assessments of performance for one or two expectations categories should take place at most Board meeting, covering the full list of expectations categories over a year’s time on a pre-scheduled basis. 
  4. Boards should allow its assessment actions to replace some of the far less significant items that appear on typical agendas – you surely have your own examples.
  5. Assessing school performance is the mainstream exercise of proper governance – making sure the Academy “works” – your Board is entrusted and expected to do just that!

(The reporting format shown above is from the MACSB template that also allows for automated report production.  Your Board can use this template or develop a different format at its discretion.)

The next Board Bits will highlight the important distinctions between Governance and Management responsibilities under the MACSB Leadership Governance Model which incorporates the development, monitoring and assessment of Board established performance expectations.

As always, please share your comments and suggestions.

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