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Charter Board Member Code
It's always helpful to have a handy reference for important "things to remember"!

So…based on lots of input and discussion, MACSB has developed a "top dozen" list of key practices which make for effective charter board membership. We call it the Charter Board Member it is.
  • Lead...Your place is at the head of the parade
  • Govern...It's your job
  • Be Accountable...That's your burden
  • Be Prepared...You owe it to those you serve with AND those you serve
  • Be Objective and Data Driven...It will yield better decisions
  • Educate Yourself...YOU are also a student
  • Be Honest & Dependable...TRUST is everything
  • Listen...It pays
  • Be Fair & Respectful...Other will respond in kind
  • Let Managers Manage...That's THEIR job
  • Support Board Decisions...You must speak with ONE voice
  • Remember Your Goal ...*STUDENT SUCCESS*!
  • This Code is not based on deep research. Rather, it stems from lots of common sense and appreciation of the leadership role that charter boards must play if the charter movement is to be all it can be.

    If you and your board find this list relevant and helpful, give us a call (517.819.4777) or send an email to: and we'll send you a copy of the Code in laminated bookmark form ( have to supply your own book!).

    Better than that, call or email us to request a presentation and discussion of the Code and/or our Leadership Governance model with your board.