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Studetns Not Tested Reminder - Deadline Feb 11, 2010
January 24, 2010

NOTE: This is NOT an issue for Board members to deal with, but does give insight into required reporting with which academy administrators must comply.

This message serves as a reminder that the deadline to submit issues using the “Students Not Tested” screen in the OEAA secure site ( is midnight, February 11, 2010.

If you have already submitted issues that may be eligible for AYP exemption, it is imperative you check the status of your issues periodically. Whenever an issue is denied or noted as “No AYP Change” by OEAA, an explanation is always provided and is accessible to those seeking the exemption. If your initial request was denied and you feel the denial is in error, you may provide additional information which could potentially lead to a change in exemption status. If this is the case, please email the additional information requested, including the name of the student(s) and the issue number, to

Based on the volume and nature of the exemption requests submitted thus far, we feel it will be helpful to provide some additional points of clarification:

Medical Exemptions – A valid medical exemption must include both the medical emergency/diagnosis as well as the dates the student was out of school. Valid medical exemptions are those for which the student’s condition precludes any participation in the State assessments – at home or school. This can include students that were out for an extended period of time with the flu.

Move Out Prior to Test – Valid exemptions include students who were no longer enrolled in the school prior to the allowable dates of test administration. These dates were October 30, 2009 for the MEAP and MEAP-Access and November 20, 2009 for the MI-Access.

Content Areas Not Influencing AYP Status - Currently, only mathematics and reading are used for AYP determinations. As a result, if an issue is submitted for a student not tested in content areas other than mathematics and reading, the system will reflect a “No AYP Change” status. However, because other content area data IS included in required federal reporting, it is still necessary to submit “not tested” issues for ALL content areas.

Enrollment Data Collection - If there is no check box next to the student name and there is no data under the “ENROLLED” columns, this indicates the student was not submitted on your September MSDS. If this is true, then you do not need to submit a “not tested” issue for the student because the student is not used when determining your AYP status. The school of record for the student, as reflected in the September MSDS collection, will be responsible for reporting any assessments not taken.

UIC Verification – OEAA matches the student Enrolled information and Assessed information based on the UIC. If OEAA has a different UIC or no UIC then the student may be listed twice on the Students Not Tested screen: once as assessed and once as not assessed. If you find that this is the case, you will want to work with those within your district who are responsible for resolving issues with UIC’s and other student identification issues. If the student has multiple UIC’s assigned they will need to be linked. It is the district’s responsibility to provide CEPI with the information necessary to make a valid link of those records.

Students Taking Multiple Assessment Types - If a student has taken more than one type of assessment (e.g. MEAP-Access mathematics and MEAP reading, or MI-Access Functional Independence reading and MEAP mathematics) the student will appear on multiple lines.

NOTE: You might find it useful, when addressing both the multiple assessment and UIC issues, to select “ALL” from the Assessed field. This will allow you to see all records for all students. If the student has a test taken for each of the content areas, even if on two different lines, then you do not need to submit a “Not Tested” issue.

The instructions for the Students Not Tested screen are accessible in the OEAA Secure Site Manual. However, if you have additional questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the OEAA at 877-560-8378 or email

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