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MI School Data
December 31, 2012

MI School Data is your window to a wealth of data on Michigan`s public school education system.

MI School Data provides views of Michigan education data to help make informed educational decisions, to help improve instruction and to enable school systems to prepare a higher percentage of students to succeed in rigorous high school courses, college and challenging careers. Over time MI School Data will be expanded to provide you with more data, more reports and more ways to access the information important to you. We invite you to learn more about Michigan`s Schools through

Department of Education Communications - Memos to Schools
The site contains a list of all memos send to schools over the past 11 years.

Other Info
08-07-2013 - Monthly Webinar
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
03-03-2010 - Bottom 5 percent of failing schools
02-19-2010 - Media clarification
02-16-2010 - OEAA Fall Conferences Go ONLLINE
01-24-2010 - Studetns Not Tested Reminder - Deadline Feb 11, 2010
01-04-2010 - Department of Education Awaits MOUs from Local School Districts This Week
12-18-2009 - Draft summary of Michigan’s Race to the Top plan
12-01-2009 - 2009-2010 Planning Grant and Dissemination Grant
11-14-2009 - VERY IMPORTANT!! Michigan Department of Education Guidelines for Service Consolidation Plans