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What is Leadership Governance
What's In It For Your Board?
Leadership Governance is a comprehensive and straight-forward Program for Board action that paves the way to a highly effective organization. Leadership Governance shows the Board how to lead the Academy in achieving its mission without getting mired in the details. It paves the way to quality Education in a clear and measurable manner, and provides the tools Boards need to do the job called Governance! It replaces the mystery and uncertainty of Board work with a confidence building model for Board performance that focuses on pinpointing accountability for student achievement while promoting a creative environment for school administration.
Where To Start?
Our Online Presentation
Your Board will benefit from
Leadership Governance if it...
Start by taking a moment to review our Online Presentation. It explains the annual cycle of the Leadership Governance program. It shows you some of the forms, online interactive tools and reports created for your use to schedule and track the status of your Board's expectations.

               Click Here for the Online Presentation

  • frequently focuses on the seemingly TRIVIAL
  • can't get a handle on administrative PERFORMANCE
  • doesn't feel it is really in command of ANYTHING
  • REACTS to things rather than PROACTIVELY setting the tone for school performance
  • doesn't always speak with ONE clear voice
  • doesn't SET its OWN agenda for meetings and deliberations
  • instinctively KNOWS something isn't quite right, but CAN'T QUITE put a finger on it
  • stumbles between RUBBER-STAMPING and MEDDLING with school operations
  • has a member(or two) who think they are ACADEMY STAFF
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    Leader Governance presentation to your Board
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    What are the guiding principles of Leadership Governance?
  • Boards are established to lead...NOT follow.
  • Boards are accountable for everything, but not responsible for daily school operations.
  • Boards must establish their EXPECTATIONS for Academy performance and prudent administration AND measure the level of accomplishment.
  • Boards must be independent representatives of the public at large.