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MACSB...An Introduction

Why a Charter Board association?
Until now, Charter Boards have often been:
  • a universe of one
  • operating in uncharted waters
  • facing common issues
  •        and are doing so...
  • without knowledge of the experiences and wisdom of other Boards
  • without benefit of an organization representing their interests and
         assisting in accomplishing their mission
  • The MACSB is out to change all that!

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    Why should you join the MACSB?       
    The Michigan Association of Charter School Boards (MACSB) was founded to serve YOU. Our mission, based on our core beliefs, is to provide representation for your Charter Board interests and to offer assistance and services in support of your governance responsibilities.
    Based on Charter Board/member input and suggestions, MACSB now provides a number of opportunities and benefits for Michigan Charter Boards:
  • web based interaction with fellow Charter Boards/members
  • representation of Charter Board interests with other Charter-related
  • scholarships to MACSB "BoardWorks" conferences
  • referrals to meet Board requests for special assistance/expertise
  • regional Board member discussion groups
  • up-to-date Charter news
  • our new on-site "Board Based Training" program
  • reduced rates for all MASB offerings
  • As we move forward, MACSB remains committed to staying in touch with member Boards, soliciting your ideas, suggestions and reactions as we strive to better serve Michigan Charter Boards.
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    What does MACSB Need?         
    YOU! Our success in serving you is, of course, totally dependent on YOUR support for the Association. We need that support in order to further develop our offerings and demonstrate the increasing value of Association membership.
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    How do we make it happen?      
    To join the association exclusively of, by and for Michigan Charter School Boards... just CLICK HERE to switch to the Membership Application section and fill out the easy online application...we will then invoice your Board for the introductory annual membership rate of $375.00.
    As always, don't hesitate to call (517.819.4777) or email us with any questions or requests for additional information.
    Please JOIN NOW and help strengthen the voice and performance of Michigan Charter Boards!

    Our Mission
    To support and assist Charter School Boards in effectively developing and governing Charter academies that offer a quality educational choice for Michigan families!
    MACSB Core Beliefs
    Ÿ   Charter Boards are an essential component of Michigan's Charter movement.
    Ÿ  Charter Boards/members must function as independent and accountable public officials.
    Ÿ  The Charter movement's future must be built on a foundation of quality governance by Charter Boards.
    Ÿ  Charter Boards must step forward and assume their rightful leadership role and accountability.
    Ÿ  Charter Boards must accept and demonstrate accountability for Academy performance.
    Ÿ  The challenge of Charter leadership will be best met if Boards join together in a complementary spirit of self-help…sharing solutions to common problems, developing and demonstrating governance skills, and making their voices heard on important Charter issues.
    Charter Board Member Code
    A handy list of "things to remember"
    as you serve on your Charter School Board!
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    The Charter Board burden...accountability for School success! Read the recently developed MACSB Position Paper on Board Accountability and the need for good governance
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