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MACSB Membership Application

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We need to know three things in order process your application. We are assuming that you represent your board and that your board has approved.

1. Your name...we want to know who is submitting this application.
2. Your email address...we want to know where to send the confirmation. NOTE: we will also send a confirmation to your Board's president (if you are not that person).
3. The name of your Academy. The easiest way to find your Academy on the list is to first click on the little arrow at the right of the list box. Now press the first letter of your Academy's name. For example, press your N key for Nixon Academy. Now scroll through the N's (using your Up/Down Arrow keys) to find your Academy and press your Enter key (or click on your Board's name with your mouse).
4. Finally, click on the Submit button.
You will receive a confirmation email shortly. If you have not received the confirmation within one week, please send an inquiry to In addition, your board will then be invoiced to facilitate your payment.

Thanks for your application!

Membership in the MACSB is limited to Michigan's CHARTER SCHOOL BOARDS. If your organization is affilliated with charter schools in Michigan and you wish to become a SPONSOR of the MACSB, please send your request to the executive director of MACSB, Bob Glees at