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Charter School Board Training

We often acknowledge the need for charter board training, but many board members have informed us it is difficult for their members to find the time to take advantage of typical training opportunities. Family and occupation must always come first, and that is as it should be!

In response to this concern, MACSB has developed the "solution" to your board training needs. We call it "Board-Based Training", and here is how it works:
1. MACSB offers a "menu" of board-focused training topics (the button's below).
2. Your board "creates" its own unique training agenda by choosing items from the menu which best suit your need.
3. You'll also choose the date, time and place for training…including the option to couple MACSB training with a scheduled board meeting.
That's all you need to do to get the process started.

Here's some other things to keep in mind:
  • Your board will be the sole audience (including your guests).
  • 2 or more boards can "team up" and share the cost.
  • Training is offered in one, two or three hour sessions.
  • Training presentations and discussions are led by experienced board members affiliated with the MACSB.
  • With sufficient notice, additional topics can also be developed/presented.
  • Boards will evaluate training quality.
  • The cost is fair and reasonable and is discounted for MACSB member boards.

    Click the first button below for our registration form. Click the second button to submit your questions, suggestions and/or training requests.

  • Classes Available
    New Board Member Orientation

    An overall introduction to charter board membership. Helps familiarize new members with the charter landscape, including: authorizer role, mandated board responsibilities, open meetings act, the board member code, relationship to school management and other important topics/issues. Complements other typical orientations with real world examples and emphasis on quality governance practices and board accountability.
    Introduction to Leadership Governance

    A front-to-back overview of MACSB's Leadership Governance program ... An approach to school governance that emphasizes the board's leadership role and the means to confidently allow management to do its job! A particularly 'interactive' session which features audience reaction and participation.
    The Charter Board Member Code

    The top dozen keys to effective board/member performance. This presentation describes each key and involves board member in discussion of each...and, you get a handy 'bookmark' of the code for easy reference.
    ESP Contracting: Issues and Options

    A helpful and healthy presentation/discussion of the key contracting issues that boards should address in their agreements with ESPs. An evolutionary (not revolutionary) approach to contracting that helps the board appreciate the critical issues, explore the options/solutions, recognize the need for Education Service Provider (management company) management flexibility and point the way to a win-win contract relationship.
    School Management Choices: Finding the Best Fit

    Each Board must determine the style and form of school management best suited to its vision and governance style. This presentation clarifies the basic school management options available for selection (including some variations), the ins and outs of each and a process for making the best decision.
    Setting Performance Expectations for Your School

    This session can stand alone or complement the MACSB Leadersip Governance presentation. Shows how the board can create a comfort zone for governance by drafting brief and explicit expectations for academic achievement, management actions and, yes, an operational protocol for the board itself (includes opportunity for some hands-on activity).
    Board Behavior: Some Do's and Don’ts

    A free-wheeling session, more informal than the rest. A tried and true list of some behaviors to replicate and some things to avoid. Putting this list into practice will help any board that is less than perfect.
    Managing Your Board's Internal Operations

    As a complement to your by-laws, this session shows a way to create a workable framework for your internal governing style. Covers member roles, interaction guidelines and relationship to management.
    Making Meetings Matter

    Keep those meetings shorter, more meaningful and interesting. Shows the way to a disciplined agenda, effective member interaction and demonstration of quality governance.
    Board-Management Relations

    Ties key features of several different presentations into a sensible approach for establishing and keeping faith with a healthy board-management relationship. A more interactive session. You may wish to include your school administrator as a participant.
    The Open Meetings Act...and Beyond

    Covers the details of legal requirements, but also offers some helpful suggestions for creating an audience-friendly environment for board meetings and a trusting relationship with management, staff, parents and the public.
    Budgeting the Smart Way

    Cuts through the numbers and relates your budget to your program. Includes discussion of financial reporting and some helpful suggestions for ensuring management discretion and effective board oversight.